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Founded in 2010 

Molly and her 9 puppies !

 Rio !  adopted 

We know our rescue dogs have been through a lot, so we are really committed to finding the very best forever home and happily ever for each one of them. 

That said, not every dog is a good match for every home.  Sometimes potential adopters may take it personally or are offended if we don't feel it's a good match for a specific dog.  Please know all of our placements are done with love & our dogs best interest at heart.  We always take our dogs back, even years later, should something not work out.  We just want to move forward with the best possible chance for success.  It is stressful for everyone when dogs are returned.


  * We required an adoption application, that includes information about your life style, other pets, current living situation. 

* We require a home visit to see where your new Lucky Pup will live.  We assess safety, fencing and the like. 

* We require an adoption fee, generally in the $300 range.  This doesn't really cover what we have invested to prepare a dog  for adoption. Spay/neuter, etc.

* If you would like to donate more to support our work, or give on a monthly basis - that is SO appreciated!  Your donation is a charitable donation to a local non profit rescue. Unlike the national "big box" animal organizations, who do literally nothing for shelter dogs, we rescue our dogs, care for them, cover all their medical expenses and find happily ever afters. 

Did you know the shelters we rescue from even don't spay or neuter our dogs or provide rabies shots ​or any medical care?? Many dogs actually get sick at the shelter and we handle those issues as well.  All of those expenses​ are covered by donations like yours.

Your donation helps us to continue to rescue and care for dogs.  We also use our funds to assist other small rescues and specific dogs in need. 


Changing lives . . . one little dog at a time !



During the pandemic, we don't have any puppies or dogs ready for adoption

Lucy and her pups !  adopted

a few of our other Lucky Pup Dog Adoptions!

Lucky Pup Dog Rescue

Hobie and Beau with their new baby  sister ! 

Both of these pups were rescued from Devore Shelter
in San Bernardino County. 

One of California's highest kill shelters.
​They are so loved and spoiled. 

Unfortunately, we don't have puppies or dogs ready for adoption.

Please try:  WWW.PETFINDER.COM  You can enter your wishlist (gender, breed, location)
for available rescue dogs in an area of Southern California that you choose. 
We aren't able to take owner relinquishments at this time,

unless your dog was previously adopted from Lucky Pup Dog Rescue.