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​​​What's our 
Lucky pups we have rescued from shelters ALWAYs have a safe haven with us

Christine & Steve Haslet

Pups on death row at
Devore Shelter
in San Bernardino County

​​Molly's nine


born at

our rescue

About our rescue

The health and safety of our dogs is our top priority

We are a no-kill,
non profit dog rescue

We spay and neuter & vaccinate all of the dogs
​ we rescue

We provide small grants to support other rescues
in times of need
for specific dogs 

We rescue dogs from the very highest kill shelters
in Southern California area

We cherish and support
our volunteers

Every Lucky Pup is covered by our "lifetime promise
dogs always have a home, as we take our dogs back
if the need arises

We are transparent in our interactions with volunteers, adopters, the rescue community and our donors. 

​Lucky Pup Dog • 501c3 non profit volunteer based dog rescue • IRS # 90-0753223 © 2024

Founded in 2011 


Changing lives . . . one little dog at a time !

Lucky Pup Dog Rescue

Board members

Greg Long left

Christine Haslet  next
Carolyn Gribble

Mardy Gilmour right

Steve Haslet (missing from photo)

About Us   

Since 2010, Lucky Pup has rescued medium and small breed dogs (along with a few BIG mutts too!) from Southern California's highest kill shelters in the counties
north of San Diego. Dogs have been transported into our rescue.

We're a small rescue founded in San Diego, California. Our dedicated team of volunteers save shelter dogs from death row throughout Southern California's many high and quick kill shelters
 We pride ourselves in knowing that we have rescued some of the most vulnerable, desperate, injured and ill dogs in these shelters.
Even dogs that other rescues overlook because of behavior or expensive vet care that is needed. We are a dedicated team of

volunteers, fosters, transporters and donors. 

Christine and Steve Haslet, who founded Lucky Pup Dog Rescue have created a volunteer based rescue, where wonderful things happen for the dogs who are rescued, their adopters and the volunteers who help to make this happen. Grandparents of ten, Christine is a retired RN and was portrait photographer for thirty years. Mister Steve is a Wedding Officiant and has married over 3500 couples since 1987.

Once we work our magic~ our happy, loving, healthy, adoptable dogs find incredible homes. By choosing to adopt a shelter dog from us, or any rescue for that matter, know that you are part of the solution to a heartbreaking problem. You are offering a second chance to these deserving dogs by supporting our life saving work. We accept any of our dogs back into the rescue at any time if they need to be rehomed.

By sharing the story of our work, rescuing, adopting, spaying/neutering, fostering, donating or volunteering we can work together to reduce the
​number of dogs that are killed every day. 

We are proud to share our resources to assist other small rescues with their life saving work. 

Thank you for your support of our small neighborhood dog rescue: Lucky Pup Dog Rescue