Lucky Pup Dog Rescue pups are supported by local neighborhood businesses, as well as individuals who make monthly charitable donations. 
​ How can you help?

​How Can You Help?

 We are an all volunteer organization. Volunteers help with various projects and events, as well as caring for our dogs.  Donations for food, vetting, flea treatments, grooming are always needed. Amazon WISHLIST, click here



Changing lives . . . one little dog at a time !


This is the spot for a one time donation. We are a 501c3 non profit. IRS 90-073223

Christine and Steve Haslet have worked tirelessly since 2010 caring
for homeless, orphaned dogs. 
They have opened their home and their hearts, and given their all to save so many lives that no one else saw any value in.

Christine and Steve have developed a network of dedicated volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters that believe in their cause.  To save and help some of the most desperate of the desperate to find their happily ever after.

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$25.00 a month donation


We aren't taking any relinquishments

at this time.

Check out ouron line store! 100% of the profits come back to the dog rescue to help with our life saving rescue work!

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Meet your founders

$50 a month donation

In ​July of 2019 Maverick had DOUBLE HIP SURGERY at Veterinary Specialty Hospital Dr. Pike. He had a long recovery. He is a San Bernardino City Shelter rescue.  

Check out our DECEMBER 2019  current newsletter here.

Lucky Pup Dog Rescue

​Lucky Pup Dog 501c3 non profit volunteer based dog rescue IRS # 90-0753223 © 2020
Founded in 2010  




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