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December 2023 Newsletter


 SHOUT OUT to Sheldon Eisenberg, our attorney and his team who made THIS possible in 2023. 

What's our


Lucky pups we have rescued from shelters ALWAYs have a safe haven with us
​for their entire life. 

Christine and Steve Haslet have worked tirelessly for over a decade helping homeless, orphaned dogs. 
They have opened their home and their hearts, and given their all to save so many lives that no one else saw any value in.

Christine and Steve have developed a network of dedicated volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters that believe in their cause.  Together, we save and help some of the most desperate of the desperate to find their happily ever after.

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$25.00 a month donation

lucky pup dog rescue

​Lucky Pup Dog 501c3 non profit volunteer based dog rescue

IRS # 90-0753223 © 2024
Founded in 2011   

     Meet our founders ,
​Miss Christine & Mister Steve

Hobie & Hutch rescued from Devore Shelter

Lucky Pup Dog Rescue pups are supported by local neighborhood businesses, as well as individuals who make monthly charitable donations. 
​ How can you help?

We are an all volunteer organization. Unlike the big box animal organizations who swallow up your donations on administration, salaries, maintaining huge savings accounts ---Christine and Steve are volunteers. They have opened up their hearts and home and work along side their fellow volunteers helping dogs in need.  Lots of outreach projects and events,  as well as caring for bunches of dogs on a daily basis. Walks, baths, vet visits, nail trims, grooming! 
Oh lest we mention the LAUNDRY and poop patrol ! 
Tax deductible donations are used for food, vet care, surgeries, dental care, flea treatments, soap, vitamins
medications and grooming.
At this time we've had several dogs returned after many years.  We also have a few FOREVER FOSTERS with medical/behavior issues as well as a pup in hospice care.

​Christine and Steve have spent countless hours caring for so many dogs in need, your donations really help.
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Information about getting

help with unexpected
emergency vet bills ~ 

$50 a month donation

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lucky pup dog rescue donations
lucky pup dog rescue san diego donations
lucky pup dog rescue san diego

Steve and Christine Haslet, founders
and current pack of rescues

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