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Your Donation Save Lives !

Meet Izzy, she was rescued from one of the highest kill shelters in Southern California, a place called Devore.
We spotted her terrified little face on an internet site for death row dogs. We knew immediately, we couldn't let her be just another statistic.
She wouldn't be just another dog nobody came for.
Our team of dedicated volunteers jumped into action changed her life forever.
We rescued her from certain death, transported her to San Diego, she was spayed, groomed, cared for and loved.
After she settled in and she knew she was safe, we took her to an adoption event at our local pet store. And at her first very first adoption event, she was scooped by her new family. They are smitten with her charm and enthusiasm for life. And now, little Izzy is busy living happily ever after.
Not long after her adoption we received this wonderful thank you note from Naomi.
This is just one of hundreds of stories of second chances we make happen every year. It's your tax deductible donations make our life saving work possible!


Miss Izzy says use
Adopt A Shelter !

Please consider partnering with Lucky Pup Dog Rescue to save more death row dogs
with a tax deductible donation.

Your tax deductible donations will be working hard in your neighborhood, here in Southern California
where you can see REAL results.
It's the very best way to help us save more death row dogs in our community.

Statstics show that the big box national animal organizations do next to nothing to address
the killing of so many adoptable dogs in our local shelters.
So many healthy, happy, adoptable dogs are dying needlessly after 5 or 6 days at the rate of about
75 % in the LA, Orange County and San Bernardino area shelters.
It's a desperate race for time for these pups.

Your donations are tax deductible.


Lucky Pup Dog Rescue is a volunteer based 501c3 tax exempt charity .
EIN # 90-0753223
Your donations help local Southern California dogs get out of high kill shelters
and find happily ever after homes.

Monthly Donations Provide Security for the Rescue!
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One Time Donation and


Sometimes even in rescue awful things happen. This is place to donate to the legal fund to help hold those who are responsible for the death of our Lucky Pup, Sandy. You can see the lawsuit here.
Our rescue dog was taken to the shelter and ordered killed by the trainer we hired to help socialize him and get him ready to be adopted.

One Time Donation
Banjo's EYE Surgery

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